physio-not fun

Apparently my shoulder exercises are causing me pain because my back muscles have become tight and stiff through lack of use. Also my neck is very stiff and sore, similar to whiplash stiff and sore.

So my doctor has recommended physio on top of the exercises.
I immediately went across the waiting room to the physio's office and made some appointments.
They're all in the same building, these doctors, the physio and the dentist too. Only the orthopaedic surgeon is a bus trip away in the city.

Well, so far I've had two physio treatments.
After the first one a heat pad was put on my neck and back to help the muscles relax. I relaxed so much I almost dozed off.
This latest treatment was a little more painful. Okay, a lot more painful.
With no soothing heat pad after.

Pressure is put on the trigger points, (whatever they are), and also on the tight areas where tendons and muscles don't stretch the way they should. Or something.
Treatment is so much more painful than the injury, but once it's over I can feel the difference while walking home.
Of course I'm stiff again the next morning, but the stiffness eases more quickly now.

I also have more exercises to do on top of the ones for my shoulder.
These focus on the neck mostly and a few to get the back muscles loosening.

I tell you, between these exercises and those exercises and blogging, I barely have time to go to work. Ha Ha.


  1. I actually did that intake of breath noise, the ouch one. Especially when you said pressure points. I bet that hurts a bit. Do your excercises and get well soon.

  2. Melissa; Yes it does hurt. A LOT. I'm gasping and clenching my fists when he presses those tight spots, and I have so many of them. But it needs to be done.

  3. OW!

    When hubby and I first got married, he had dreadful back muscles (due to OVER-USE) -- lumps like golf-balls under the skin. It took a LOT of massage and heat treatments to deal with it all, but he's so much better than he used to be.

    The pain is worth it. Not easy to bear, but worth it.

  4. I wanted to e-mail you back the other day but you don't have contact info in your Blogger profile! Anyway, please tell me that it isn't true...there are no dryers (or very few)in Australia? Is that becuase it's so hot out? What is a winter like there? It is currently below zero here in Michigan and I hate hanging my clothes inside becuase they get all crunchy! :)

  5. Hi River,
    Try this:
    Shut your eyes and tell yourself, "I am RESTING my neck." Than hold that thought for 30 sec and focus on your neck. Repeat it with your shoulder.
    It is called "Intentional Resting", a technique to relax stiff muscle. Just read it in The Age last weekend. Tried it myself and seemed to work.

    Like your blog. :-)

  6. It'll all be worth it in the long run and then when it's all over you'll ask yourself what was i worried about. As the saying goes "No Pain, No Gain" :-).

  7. Toni; I know it will be worth it, but I really don't like pain. It hurts, you know?

    Jennifer Kay; I'd better fix that profile. Many people do have dryers. Probably most people, to get clothes and other stuff dry in the winter, but we also have outside washing lines to peg things out in the free sunshine and fresh air. Winter here feels cold to those of us who have suffered through our summer, but nowhere near as cold as your ice and snow. We don't often get below zero temperatures. But in summer, we can have days or weeks at a time with 40*C or higher.

    drb; if I shut my eyes for 30 seconds, I'm likely to fall asleep. Ha Ha. But I am doing the neck and shoulder resting and slow stretching several times an hour as recommended.

    Windsmoke; I'd prefer "No pain, No pain", but that won't get the muscles stretched and strengthened.

  8. You're doing all the right things so what might hurt in the short term will heal correctly and serve you well for many years to come.

    Geez, didn't *I* come over all mature and wise?

  9. Kath; You're exercising that achilles correctly are you? Giving it support? A little strapping perhaps?


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