I'd like a few suggestions please.

Next March, just a few weeks away now, I'll be flying in to Sydney for the Bloggers Conference.

I'll be arriving on the morning of Friday the 18th and finding my way to the hotel, hopefully via an airport shuttle service.
Then I'll have time to wander around a bit, maybe meet a few of you who are already there?
Then there'll be dinner, etc.

Saturday is the Conference, a whole day. The dinner-dance after? I don't have a ticket for that, so I'll get dinner in another place, then go to my room and make notes of what I've seen, heard, learned.

Sunday, however, is another whole day that I have to fill.

(I'm making a little holiday of this and not flying back to Adelaide until Monday 21st. In the afternoon. )

So what does one do in Sydney on a Sunday?

I won't have a huge amount of spending money,
but there'll be a little after I've paid for meals etc.

I'll have my camera with me and a supply of batteries, plus an extra memory card.

So help me out here?
What can I do?
Where can I go?
What should I see?


  1. I'm not the best to comment, since I know most of the obvious tourist spots! But I love riding the ferry to Manly or Darling Harbour. You get a great view of the city.

  2. Wanderlust; idea number one - Ferry.
    I'm making a list....

  3. Hi River,

    I would love to fly all the way over to Sydney for a Bloggers Conference - it is warmer there.

    Whatever you do, don;t climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge - I am still reeling at the thought of that. It doesn't help that I am terrified of heights - and that I am stupid.

    Hope you enjoy it - and let us know what you learn.




  4. PS - I agree with Wanderlust. We stayed in Darling Harbour and the ferry ride is fantastic. It's summer there now so I imagine it will be wonderful. Take your camera and post a few photos to remind me of my trip in 2005.


    Cheers again,


  5. Yep - my all time favourite thing to do in Sydney is catch the ferry - ANY ferry will do - there's interesting things at the end of all of them, although wandering around Manly (with a few thousand others) is a great way to spend a day!


    PS Some great museums too - depending on your tastes, and they often have interesting exhibitions.

  6. pick yourself up a daytripper ticket - you can use it to hop on and off trains, buses and ferries to your hearts content and sticky beak wherever you like.

    One of our favourite things to do is ferry rides under the bridge, around to Darling Harbour and to take a squiz around the ships outside the maritime museum.

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  8. I'll be visiting my niece in Sydney around that time and will be taking you up the Paramatta, and to some very low dives.
    Wear your runners, quickest pair.

    -Lord Rochester.

  9. I loved wandering around the harbour. I could have spent the whole day there watching the world go by there. Keep an eye out for discount tickets as well between now and then to maybe visit the Sydney Tower and the aquarium.

  10. A ferry trip up the Paramatta is quite pleasant. We caught the train back to town. 325 bus to Watsons Bay is a great trip and you can reward yourself with a bite and a drink once there, then ferry back.

  11. Plasman; I actually did think of a bridge climb, but I'm wondering how long that would take. Heights don't bother me. The camera is definitly coming with me!

    Red Nomad OZ; Ferry rides seem to be a popular suggestion. I'm not to keen on museums.

    Beet; a daytripper ticket is one of the first things I thought of. Are they a 9am to 3pm deal the same as here in Adelaide?

    Shabaz; I have a couple of memory cards that I carry with me. They should be sufficient.

    R.H. I always wear runners. Doesn't mean I can run though. Low dives don't sound very appealing.

    Sarah; I've been to the Sydney Tower once before. Many years ago, with my mum and two babies. I've added the Aquarium to my list of possibilities.

    Andrew; I remember Watson's Bay. My first husband worked at the Army Base there. I didn't know ferries went up the Parramatta. I thought they only went around and across the harbour.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I've narrowed it down to a ferry ride or two, the Aquarium, if it's close enough for me not to get lost, then a bus to Watson's Bay for fish'n'chips. Maybe. Plans could change.....

  12. R.H. (Lord Rochester)January 19, 2011 at 10:26 PM

    Oh my goodness, low dives not appealing. Good heavens, what a wowser. Wake up to yourself!
    I've taken the ferry along the Parramatta many times. The ride to Manly is a ripper, rolls side to side as it crosses the Heads. There's lots of things I like about Sydney. Really, I was raised in the wrong town.


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